Why We Recommend Having an Updated Resume On-Hand

Many of us that are currently employed in long term roles will most likely have an out-of-date resume or may not even have a resume at all. While we understand that a resume is a requirement when looking for a role, we generally pay no attention to it until a job opportunity becomes available. It is at exactly this time that we suddenly give our attention to the most important job seeking document we have, and then panic that we won’t have it updated or produced in time before our dream job offer application time closes. But have you ever considered having your resume updated in advance?

Here are our top reasons why today is the best day to have your resume updated:

An Unexpected Opportunity May Arise: A position may open at your current company that you did not anticipate as companies occasionally reorganise their structure and create new positions. In some instances, internal applicants are preferred, and in others, it’s fair game for anyone who applies.

When Promotions Come Up at Work: When a senior position becomes available, it may be a requirement to provide an update resume. Even though your manager has firsthand experience of your incredible work, the hiring manager may still want to see it all your achievements paper. By having an updated resume on hand, you’ll be able to get your application submitted in a timely manner, showing off your experience, work ethic, and enthusiasm for the new position.

You Want to Pick Up Some Side Work: You may decide you want to pick up some freelance work or collaborate with someone on a side project, and if a great opportunity lands in front of you, you’ll be happier and more confident if you aren’t scrambling to get your resume up to snuff.

Someone in Your Network May Want to Refer You for a Position: Sometimes the best job opportunities come about through friends or via LinkedIn. When this happens, it is best to have a resume handy to pass on as soon as possible, before they offer the role to someone else in their network.

Your Accomplishments Will be Fresh in Your Mind: One of the biggest challenges people have when updating their resume is capturing their accomplishments or remembering achievements at a later date. Updating your resume regularly means that your main achievements and accomplishments are fresh in your mind, and you can articulate them clearly.

New Year’s Resolutions: How many people have entered the new year with the resolution that this will be the year they find their dream job? You’re not alone, and as a result, January can be the busiest month for resume services and the wait lists can be very long. This is coupled with the fact that companies tend to hire most in January and February because of new hiring budgets that go into effect at the beginning of a new year.

As 2022 is starting to appear on the horizon, now may be the best time to have your resume updated so that you can head into the new year with a new resume. For more information feel free to contact us today.

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