What is a Professional Summary and Why You Need to Include One in Your Resume?

A professional summary, also known as a resume summary or a summary statement, is a short description at the start of your resume that describes you, your level of experience and your key skills. Using a professional summary allows you to showcase your strongest assets straight away.

The best way to think about addressing a professional summary is to answer the question, ‘how would I best describe my work experience and qualifications?’ and then finding a way of summarising this into a short paragraph.

There are several benefits to having a professional summary at the start of your resume, and these include:

Getting noticed faster: A strong summary statement at the top of your resume can increase the chances of the hiring manager noticing what you have to offer from the start. Think of your summary as an elevator pitch and try to imagine a way to sell yourself and your skills.

Highlighting your key skills and experience: A summary section can help refine your range of experiences by highlighting the most relevant, important points at the start. It may also encourage the hiring manager to give your resume more attention if they find what they’re looking for in your resume summary.

Capturing keywords: The first time a hiring manager will see your resume, they will likely scan your summary for terminology that indicates you are a good match for the job. Review sections including Requirements, Experience, or Education to decide which skills or experiences you should include in your summary.

What is the difference between a professional summary and a professional objective?

A professional objective is useful if you have limited work experience because you are a recent high school or university graduate, and you want to outline your career aspirations. A professional summary is more appropriate if you have some work history and various skills and experiences worth highlighting.

A professional summary is a key element of any resume. By creating a professional summary that addresses the most relevant key points of your career history and those related to the specific position you are applying for, the hiring manager can immediately have a solid picture of you, your work experience and your qualifications.

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