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Please review the following document prior to the commencement of work. Your acceptance of the quotation and payment indicates your agreement to the below terms.


Most recruitment agencies and employers now use automated computer software known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to collect, sort, scan and rank job applications. As a result, almost 75% of resumes are rejected before they reach human eyes.

There are multiple requirements that need to be considered when compiling a resume to increase your ability to pass through the ATS and progress to a Hiring Manager. Graphic-heavy resumes with logos, multiple images and fonts, lots of colours and graphic design themes will not progress through the ATS. Graphic design resumes may look pretty but confuse the ATS (resulting in rejection) and annoy recruiters, who have a matter of seconds to quickly scan your document for information. 

Our resumes are written from the perspective of a HR professional, not a Graphic Designer. We have researched ATS at length and draw on our extensive experience and knowledge in recruitment when drafting resumes for our clients. Our resumes have an organised layout with a clear visual hierarchy, reader friendly format and are well worded with a key focus on content. 



STANDARD SERVICE: Standard turnaround times will be approximately 7 to 10 business days following receipt of a 50% deposit or provision of receipt indicating 50% deposit. Any delays in the process will be communicated by MDJCC to the client. Delays on the client’s behalf are expected to be communicated to MDJCC and can extend the Standard Service timeframe. The remaining 50% balance will be payable upon completion of the final drafts and an invoice will be sent via email.

PRIORITY SERVICE: Clients requiring services to be completed quickly (3 business days) can utilise the Priority Service and this timeframe will commence from receipt of the client’s full payment or provision of receipt indicating full payment. The Priority Service incurs an additional fee which is listed in the quotation email or indicated on the website. It enables the documentation to be prioritised over and above other waiting clients, as the business traditionally services incoming work as it is received. Any delays in the process will be communicated by MDJCC to the client. Delays on behalf of the client in providing information can extend the Priority Service timeframe.

Clients applying for advertised positions without a closing date are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Priority Service to minimise the possibility of the advertised position closing prior to MDJCC completing work. MDJCC will not be held liable if a client applying for an advertised position chooses not to select the Priority Service and the job closes prior to work being completed. MDJCC will also not be held liable if a position closes earlier than the date listed on the job advertisement. 


Timeframes for selection criteria services will vary depending on the closing date for the job application that the client wants to apply for.  MDJCC will propose an expected completion date which will generally be 2 business days prior to the date that applications close. If there are any concerns with the proposed completion date, the client is to advise MDJCC immediately. Any delays in the process will be communicated by MDJCC to the client. Any delays on the client’s behalf are expected to be communicated to MDJCC.

Services needed within three business days or less will require full payment upfront. A 50% deposit will otherwise apply.  


Timeframe required for interview coaching service can be advised by the client and MDJCC will schedule a telephone appointment at a convenient time for both parties.


Following payment of 50% deposit or full account, a confirmation email and questions will be sent and the information gathering process will commence. After the information has been gathered, we will email through an initial draft of your new documents in PDF (non-editable) format for review in line with quotation timeframes. We will then seek your feedback and make any changes that you require and forward a final PDF (non-editable) draft. Once the client has confirmed satisfaction with the final draft, an invoice will be issued for the 50% balance and the account will be payable (Standard Service only). Final documents will not be issued until the balance of the account has been paid. Clients are advised to forward a payment receipt or screenshot to MDJCC once the transaction has taken place to prevent delays. Final documents will be issued in Microsoft Word version. 

Failure to supply payment within terms may result in MDJCC utilising the services of a debt collection agency and any and all charges incurred by MDJCC will then be the responsibility of the client.

Client input into this process is essential to ensuring reasonable service outcomes. MDJCC cannot meet its’ obligations if the client is unavailable or unwilling to assist when we request feedback, ask questions or provide instruction during the provision of services. MDJCC reserves the right to cease provision of services if the client does not provide information needed to complete documentation in a timely manner, or if the information is provided in an unreasonable format – copious amounts of handwritten and illegible documentation will not be accepted. 


All work performed will be issued to clients in draft mode (PDF non-editable document). Changes to documentation required must be advised whilst the documentation is in draft. Changes required to documentation once in final form may incur an additional fee for our time.


Final documents are forwarded by email upon completion in Microsoft Word format. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have Microsoft Word on their computer to access the documents. Printed copies or USB will not be sent unless by prior arrangement.


If a client decides to discontinue use of the services they have appointed MDJCC to perform, the client will be invoiced for the amount of time invested in their work up to the time of cancellation. This includes (but is not limited to) collating information, work commenced on documentation, emails, phone calls and correspondence. It is the client’s responsibility to notify MDJCC of the cancellation.


The client acknowledges that by appointing MDJCC, fees are for the services provided and time invested by MDJCC and are subsequently non-refundable

Clients advising their dissatisfaction with services will be requested to provide a specific rationale as to why they are dissatisfied with detailed instructions on elements of the documents requiring amendment. Clients simply advising of their dissatisfaction without providing evidence or providing vague, intangible information will not be entitled to a refund. MDJCC will work with the client to make relevant changes so that the documents are completed satisfactorily and once this has been confirmed by the client, the account balance will be payable.


MDJCC will not be held liable for information obtained from a client that is inaccurate or incorrect. MDJCC does not research or confirm accuracy of the information provided by the client. Final proofreading is the responsibility of the client (please verify all dates and details to ensure information is accurate and complete whilst the documents are in draft mode). 

MDJCC’s liability is limited to completion of work and assumes no liability after the resume, cover letter, selection criteria or any other document MDJCC has agreed to develop for the client have been proofread, revised and received.

MDJCC cannot guarantee interviews or job placements and has no control over employer perceptions, preferences or the competitors for the role. We are unable to provide any guarantee for success in obtaining employment resulting from the use of our services. There are many factors which contribute to success in seeking employment. In engaging our services you agree that MDJCC assumes no liability if your application is unsuccessful.

The job market is competitive and a well written resume, cover letter or selection criteria will be an asset, however care must be taken by the client to ensure that they put effort into their job seeking and that they apply for positions that suit their skills and qualifications. This is outside the responsibility of MDJCC.

MDJCC has the right to provide services to multiple applicants applying for the same role.

MDJCC has the right to refuse to engage in services with any client or potential client that has demonstrated unprofessional behaviour, language or conduct towards employees of MDJCC. 

MDJCC is not liable in any way for any viruses that client may acquire as a result of using our service. It is the responsibility of every user of our service to remain vigilant in the prevention of viruses.


The client acknowledges that the product MDJCC developed for them will remain the intellectual property of MDJCC and is bound by copyright law, which prevents the client from allowing a third party to utilise any of the material or final product developed by MDJCC.

We retain all intellectual property rights, including copyright of all design, format and content of documentation provided to you. You have the right to use the documentation for the purposes of seeking employment. You may not use the documents, their design, format or content for any other purpose or for any other person. Adopting or using our documents, or system, for any other person will be considered a breach of our intellectual property rights, giving us a right to claim damages or other legal remedies against you.


We may ask you to provide full name, contact information including email address, postal address and phone number and employment information such as work and training history and referees. The client’s names addresses and other contact details will not be made available to anyone outside of MDJCC and its employees, and work will not be reproduced for public view without the consent of the client.

We retain copies of the work we have completed on behalf of our clients and the client is able to contact us via email and ask that an electronic copy be forwarded to them later. If you wish for your documents to be destroyed following work completion, please advise MDJCC.