Values Interview Questions: What They Are and How To Answer Them

A business’ values not only explain to potential employees and customers what the organisation believes in, but they inform current or future staff of the preferred way of operating and achieving outcomes.

The interviewer will want to explore your values and beliefs to establish if they will fit in with the company’s values and long-term ambition. Interviews are an opportunity for you to describe the skills, education, experience and personality traits that make you a good match for an organisation. Your answers can show employers that you have the qualities that make you a strong candidate for the role. You might face questions about honesty, integrity, teamwork and trustworthiness. In this article, we discuss what values interview questions are and examples of these questions.

What are values interview questions?
Values interview questions are questions that ask about your morals and professional standards and how you implement these in the workplace. They can be broad questions or situational, which require you to describe real-life scenarios that display certain characteristics. Companies want to know if you embody the values they promote in the workplace and to the public.

Below are a list of values based questions and how to approach answering these.

Tell me about a time you faced an ethical dilemma at work and how you handled it.
Employers may ask this question to see how you respond to moral and ethical issues in the workplace. These can be uncomfortable situations, and they want to know that you are willing to do what’s right even when it’s hard. You should discuss a situation that shows your integrity and honesty without demeaning another person.

How do you define integrity in the workplace?
Employers want to know how you approach doing what’s right at work. They want to make sure that your views align with their expectations in areas like honesty, trust and reliability. Discuss how important your values are and the steps you take to make ethical choices.

Have you ever had to work with a difficult coworker? How did you handle it?
Your interviewer may ask about challenging personalities in the workplace to see how you manage tension and interpersonal conflict. In your answer, explain how you approach disagreements and discuss a situation where you dealt with a conflict successfully.

How do you approach team projects?
Employers ask about how you work with others to make sure you can be a team player. They know that teamwork and collaboration are drivers of innovation and productivity. Your answer should explain what is most important to you when working in a group and what strategies you employ to make the process enjoyable and effective.

Can you tell me about a time you solved a problem in a non-traditional way?
Managers appreciate innovation and creativity, which can help propel their businesses forward. These questions allow interviewers to see if you think progressively. Share a time when you came up with a new idea or solution for your business or in your personal life.

Have you ever dealt with a difficult customer? What did you do?
Interviewers may need to know that you can manage all types of personalities. They want to see how you respond in stressful situations. Your answer should show that you can be patient, accommodating, composed and polite.

Here are tips for managing values questions effectively:
Review the company’s values: Before your interview, look at the company’s website to see their core values and make sure you include them in your answers.
Name drop: Ensure you frequently reference core values throughout your interview responses. The more employers hear relevant key words that link to their company values, the stronger you will perform and better fit you will appear for the role.
Focus on a value that matters to you: Many interview panels ask you to name one specific core value and explain to them why it’s important to you and how you apply this value in your interactions on the workplace.
Give examples: Use specific examples in your answers to show how you practice the values you’re discussing.

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