Keywords- What They Are and How to Incorporate Them in Your Resume

A successful resume is one that is well-organised, unique and conveys the skills and qualifications specified in the job posting you’re applying for. It is equally as important that you know how to include certain resume keywords and phrases to grab both the attention of recruiters as well as any potential keyword tracking system they may have in place.

Resume keywords and phrases are specific abilities, skills, expertise and traits recruiters look for in a candidate. According to research conducted by SEEK, there are specific keywords to include if you want your resume to get you noticed. Recruiters say employers are looking for people with the following qualities:

Adaptability: By now you’ve probably heard a variation of the prediction that 85 per cent of the jobs that people will hold in 2030 don’t even exist right now. It’s for this reason that employers want employees who can adapt to an ever-changing work climate.

“Employers want their people to be able to pivot to a new role or area of responsibility as things change and to upskill to remain on top of new trends relevant to their job function or industry,” managing director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand Nick Deligiannis says. Try using examples from recent roles, such as undertaking a course to broaden your skill set, to show that you’re adaptable.

Analytical Thinking: Employers want to know that they’re getting someone who’s going to be able to interpret information and come up with great ideas and well-reasoned decisions.

Six Degrees Executive’s NSW director Mike Dickson says the best way to demonstrate your analytical thinking is to use the STAR method – situation, task, action, result. “Bring it to life with real examples that show the impact you have made with these skills,” he says.

Proactive Approach: Proactiveness is one of the few qualities our computer counter-parts find hard to replicate – which is why it’s becoming more and more valuable as jobs once held by humans become increasingly automated.

Employers prefer employees who can come up with their own ideas and solutions, without the need to be continually told what to do.

Resilience: With ever-changing workplace processes and technology, resilience is a skill that says to employers “they’ll be able to cope with anything”.

Andrea McDonald, director of u&u Recruitment Partners, says the best way to demonstrate you have this quality is to share an example of when you overcame a workplace challenge or picked yourself up after a failure.

These are just a few of the many keywords and phrases that recruiters are looking to be included throughout a resume.  The main ways to find the best keywords and phrases to list on your application and incorporate into your resume and cover letter is to:

  • Analyse the job posts for skills the employer desires
  • Examine the company’s website
  • Review the skills and experience of higher-level positions
Source: Indeed and Mamamia

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