How To Land Your Dream Job

Job hunting involves more than searching for open positions and sending your resume to employers. Successful job hunting requires using certain techniques to make sure you stand out to potential employers. These tips aim to help you succeed in a competitive market and get the job you want.

Know your career goals: it is important to identify and define what type of career you want. Make sure you have a clear and realistic goal, determine how you plan to reach it and note what qualifies you for that career path. These steps can help you narrow your job search to positions you are passionate about and will help you advance professionally.

Plan ahead: Organise yourself and your schedule to search for jobs more efficiently. Determine how many hours per day or what days of the week you will dedicate to job hunting or networking. Create or update your profile on professional networking websites. You might choose to set up a professional email account to keep your job search messages separate and organised from your personal ones. Completing these steps before starting your job search can make the process faster and easier.

Use all job search resources: Rather than limiting yourself to manual online searches, take advantage of all job search options. This might include reaching out to companies or hiring managers in person, attending career fairs, searching social media or using a career counselling service. Use job search engines to find openings on job boards, company websites, professional associations and more. Sign up for daily or weekly job alerts by email.

Customise your resume: Adapt your resume to each job you apply for and ensure your skills, experience and measurable achievements that are relevant to that position are listed in your resume.

Research companies: As you find job listings that interest you, research the companies before applying. This can provide you with information about their company culture, benefits and salary range, products and services and work environment. It also gives you valuable information you can reference in your cover letter or interview.

Succeed in your current job: If you are currently employed and looking for a better or different career, continue to perform your current job with positivity and commitment. Maintain good relationships with your coworkers and managers as long as you’re working with them. Your professional attitude and efforts can result in job references or opportunities in the future.

Network regularly: Interact with people and develop professional contacts both online and in person. Start conversations with people at seminars, social events or appointments. Let them know you’re looking for a job or want to work in a certain industry. They might have connections or advice that can help you in your job search.

Identify examples of your skills: Plan ahead by identifying personal experiences or accomplishments that highlight the skills needed for a certain job. Add these to your cover letter and use them during networking opportunities or job interviews.

Prepare for interviews: Research common interview questions, create responses for them and practice those responses before you get invited to an interview.

Follow up: After a job interview, follow up with a phone call or an email. When doing so, show your excitement and interest in the job. While you wait for a response, continue searching for and applying to jobs that interest you.

Expand your skills: If you are just entering the workforce or starting a new career, you might need more training or experience to get a job. Consider studying, getting an internship or volunteering with an organisation in your desired industry while applying for jobs. Use these opportunities to expand your network of contacts or advance to a full-time position.

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