How To Keep Your Career Search On Track During Covid

If you feel like COVID-19 has sent your job search off track, we have rounded up the top tips for you to focus on to maintain your job search momentum!

Do your research to find which sectors are strong and where to look for jobs:

While many positions have been impacted and jobs lost, several sectors are still strong, with more opportunities becoming available

Update your Resume and Cover Letter:

Make sure your resume and cover letter adequately reflect your achievements, are reader friendly and attract and retain the attention of readers. Ensuring that your resume and cover letter is targeted specifically to the role you are applying for is vital in helping you land an interview.

Make your LinkedIn matter:

LinkedIn has the potential to build your industry credibility and connections. Recruiters and prospective employers are likely to view your profile and making a great impression can help attract their attention.

Take some time for upskilling and professional development:

If you do find yourself with more time on your hands, and you are in a position to, it may be an excellent time for you to complete study, short courses, update licenses, or catch up on your Continuing Professional Development and plug skill gaps.


Volunteering can be a great opportunity to fill in gaps in employment, may lead to paid employment or a new career path and is always a good inclusion on your resume as it can help demonstrate many new skills.

Brush up on your virtual interview skills:

Prepare for a possible online interview by checking your technology is in working order, practice speaking to the appropriately placed camera and ensure your background is uncluttered and free from distraction. Brush up on behavioural interview questions and the STAR Method to put your best foot forward!

Contact your network for help:

If you are looking for work, contact those you are close to in your work and personal life and enlist their help to find available jobs or upcoming job opportunities.

Know your entitlements and obligations:

There are currently State and Federal government supports for anyone affected by COVID 19 and you can find more information on available supports and entitlements with the Australian Fair Work Commission.

Take care of yourself:

Look after yourself and find a balance- try to bring structure to your days, keep in touch with those who matter to you, and get enough sleep, and remember to reach out if you need help in any way.

We offer services that cater to all levels and stages of employment and are always here to help with any questions. Feel free to get in touch today to see how we can help you secure your dream job during COVID 19.

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