How Career Coaching Can Help Your Career Journey

For those of us that are unsure where to start with our career journey, or are finding our current career path unfulfilling, Career Coaching offers an opportunity to work through strategies you can adopt to set yourself up for a new role, a successful career change or a sideways step. By working with a professional in this area, you are provided with a valued opportunity to understand your strengths, passions and values and clarify your transferable skills to help refine your career focus and direction. You can also determine career options, develop strategies and an action plan to hold you accountable for moving forward on your journey.

Some of the areas that a Career Coach will work with you on include:

Do you have a ‘dream job’: Is there an industry that you are interested in changing into, or have you thought about what a career change might look like for you? It is best to be realistic but also include roles that push your boundaries or encourage excitement in going to work again. You might also be able to identify a role that’s a stepping stone on the way to your dream job. While the next position you take might not be exactly what you are looking for, you can still gain experience from it that will make you more qualified for your ideal role in the future.

Transferable skills: Consider how well you communicate, empathise with clients or solve problems. Soft skills are often the most transferable, so identifying them early can help you understand the ways you might bring value to a new role or industry. Hard skills are your technical abilities gained by education or training. Taking inventory of your hard and soft skills can help you identify if there are certain industries that might be easier to transition into.

New skills: Does your career change or new role require you to learn new skills? It is best to consider if you are able to upskill, the types of study would you be willing to undertake and whether you have current skills and qualifications that you would be interested in strengthening.

What are your non-negotiables: Think of your current and previous work experiences and non-negotiables that you would like to take with you moving forward. These could include working in an inclusive culture or for an organisation that prioritises work–life balance. Some examples of non-negotiables are long-term financial stability, job security or more flexible working hours.

Passions and values: What gets you out of bed in the morning? What is your life purpose and how does this transition into employment? What values resonate with you and how does this align with your ideal workplace? Ascertaining what drives you and what values mean the most will help you to refine your career direction.

Our Careers Coach can discuss these options with you in our client-led, exploratory and informative sessions that will help you clear the path and enable you to refocus in moving forward with your aspirations.  In the session, we focus on self-exploration, confidence building and clarifying your talents and transferable skills and provide vocational resources and tools including explanation of labour market and job search strategies. We also keep you accountable for meeting your goals through a follow up email, report and action plan to check in on your progress.

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