3 Skills You’re Undervaluing In Your Job Application

Soft skills, hard skills, what skills do you add to your resume? You might be surprised to learn that the skills you think really matter during your job search aren’t necessarily the skills that employers are looking for.

SEEK asked employers which skills they valued the most and the research found that the three skills more valued by employers are:

  • Teamwork and collaboration was valued by 32% of employers
  • Critical thinking and problem solving was valued by 28% of employers
  • Attention to detail/thoroughness is important to 27% of employers

As well as these three skills, employers also valued communication skills and self-motivation/initiative. Seek explains how to highlight each of these top three skills in your application.

Teamwork and collaboration
A third of employers value teamwork and collaboration; it’s highly valued by employers because it enables a team to work together towards a common goal.

How to show you have this skill in your job application: Start by giving examples of your interactions with others and how you worked together to achieve successful outcomes. Show how you work, think, communicate, problem solve and manage different personalities.

Critical thinking and problem solving
Employers value critical thinking and problem-solving skills because they show you’re able to analyse, innovate, create and find solutions when issues or challenges arise. How you respond to challenges or change says a lot about how you will contribute to an organisation.

How to show you have this skill in your job application: Include short examples or brief project summaries in your resume or cover letter as they are powerful, factual ways of showing what you can achieve for the hirer. Explain the specific outcomes or results you achieved and talk through any problems you overcame, as these do all the heavy lifting for you.

Attention to detail or thoroughness
Following through on everything you do with attention to detail shows employers your potential to grow with a business and impact everything you touch positively.

How to show you have this skill in your job application: It’s important to demonstrate this skill from the beginning by ensuring you have a strong resume and cover letter. Make sure both are formatted correctly, check the spelling and grammar, and get it proof-read by someone else.

Another tip is to add referee email addresses, because many reference check processes are automated and instead of calling referees, they will automatically email them.

How to show you have this skill at an interview: Preparation is key, winging it rarely works, and if you assume anything, it may trip you up. Research the business, the people, the contracts, clients and competitors, and observe how the role you’re applying for impacts the rest of the business. You might use this information to help you ask questions in the interview or respond in a way that shows you’ve done research. This helps to show your interest in the role, and your thoroughness when preparing.

These three areas are of value to employers, so by demonstrating that your skills in these areas, it can help you make a great impression and stand out from the pack.

Source: Independent research conducted by Nature of behalf of SEEK, interviewing 4800 Australians annually. 

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